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New Rule for Traffic Cops - Just kidding, we all know Police are "Above the Law" and the rules

Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw - 109 Views
Published on 14 Jun 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

The entirety of the American Judicial system is a bad joke!
Not only is the entire system based on #Fraud and "Maritime Admiralty Law," but it's also a two-tiered fiasco where the #Criminals within "government" are NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE, while their employers get sent to prison for non-crimes.

If you "Back the Blue" then you are either mentally defective, a glutton for punishment, or the criminals in Blue have not YET wrongfully arrested and beaten and caged YOU! But they WILL..... you can count on it!

There is no lower form of life on this earth than the corporate blue belly "enforcers" of our illegitimate Maritime Admiralty Law system

It's time for our country to reject the entire "Legal System" and return to the system that was designed for MEN & WOMEN, which is COMMON LAW

Natural Law, Common Law, God's Law....
Where you CANNOT commit a #Crime without actually leaving a #Victim!

If you have no victim, you have no crime!
UNLESS you have been duped into participating in the maritime admiralty law system of #Slavery we have around the world today. Satan's "Just US system"

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