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New ATF Rule Can Send you to PRISON for Selling “A Single Gun”

true conservative minutes
Published on 13 Apr 2024 / In News and Politics

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No one is paying attention to this.......

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Senior Starburst
Senior Starburst 11 days ago

Stay on top of this folks....

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SliceOfLife 25 days ago

Everyone knows that criminals by pass everything. The only people this effects are law abiding citizens.

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FlyFloatFire 1 month ago

In short, they have what it takes to take what you have, up to and including your life for a mistake you might make.

Meanwhile, criminals are going to ignore all of this and when they violate serious laws, will often be let go with a slap on the hand.

All part and parcel to punishing “gun culture” but not criminals that engage in mallum in se crime with a gun.

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