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Neuralink’s 1st brain chip implant patient Is NOT What Is Said To You

JamesRoss - 125 Views
Published on 09 Jul 2024 / In Technology

Brain interfaces are from ancient civilizations... the same advanced civilizations that cut and carved stone so easily with sound and built mortarless structures and walls around the world.
Then, came another cataclysm that killed their Tower-Of-Babel.

The real brainchip is magnetic.
That is why processes foods and drinks are now being laced with magnetic nano-particles.
All major soft-drink and beer producers that are Freemason owned spike magnetic nano-particles into their produces.
Without enough magnetic nano-particles in the blood, then the MNI cannot artificially fire the neurons in the brain and link Tis and Luciferians to their hivemind.

Remember, Elon Musk is the richest Freemason frontman after Bill Gates held that claim. Musk and Gates are fraudster-freemasons who serve the ancient civilization devils, Homo capensis.

To save Western Civilization, the Freemason Judas goats running politics and their fake political system need to be replaced.

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