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Navy SEAL Exposes Human Trafficking & Organ Harvesting Rings: Remi Adeleke LIVE – Ask Dr. Drew

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Published on 18 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

Remi Adeleke is a former Navy SEAL whose upcoming film "The Unexpected" exposes the true story of two human trafficking victims of an international organ harvesting ring. But Remi's story begins long before his career as a SEAL and filmmaker: he spent his childhood as Nigerian royalty, until the death of his father and the stripping of his family's wealth sent Remi and his mother to a life of poverty in the Bronx. 「 LINKS FROM THIS SHOW: 」

@Remi Adeleke is part of the upcoming FOX series "Special Forces: The Ultimate Test" which features Dr. Drew! Hear more of Remi's story on The Dr. Drew Podcast:

In his memoir ("Transformed"), Remi doesn’t shy away from the illegal activities that threatened to derail his future. How could a person with this past end up where he is now? And to go a step further, how could a person who barely graduated high school, couldn’t swim, act or lead find great success in areas that require such skills? Having gone through times of intense struggle, pressure, and failure, Adeleke answers those questions in his inspiring story of overcoming the odds, even when it didn’t make sense, and ultimately experiencing true personal transformation.

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A Voice in The Desert Live: Divorce and Remarriage (Part A)
The Best Christian Teaching Videos