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National Food Supplier Exposes Biden's Supply Chain Collapse.mp4

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Published on 12 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Wonder why Bill Gates is buying up all of the farm land that he can? It's so he can kill us with GMO food.

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ouivalerie 1 month ago

Think about the food of the long lived vampires living underground with ALL the technology like James Bond worked with. Millions of years ago they are said to have started except the earth maybe had it longer since it's billions of years old.....Gates is almost sure to be biological chipped and in with those guys, so are all the scientists for that matter ..... These guys are kept healthy....Facebook owners what's his name? He's using Zukerbergs looks, but appears like a complete robot due to no facial aging, So we have Gates buying land for WHO? Always it includes the vampire plans...they have spaceships all the millions of years. Only certain one's are allowed in the deeper and deeper levels and for some reason the angels aren't wiping out the demons, just deal with it....There's that bio chip thing they use to keep these guys healthy seems to get over on fresh oranges like meth get's over on food also or maybe they hardly eat, and their energy just comes from raping children?.....There's also in 2014 the massive child porn issue at Gates estate.....6000 photos means I guess human trafficking....Buying up farms means he wants land control...not exactly giving back but buying as an operative for other's....Is he planning on building out for more human trafficking or for good hippies organics?.... Tech by it's nature and where they get it from includes those millions of years old beings trickling it out little bits of technology to surface dwellers, while they sit underground with super computers and spaceships for millions of years, never telling those they need to feed from...secrets of their existence but there's operatives that purport to be or are human on the surface....Figure they are chipped, and watched for every move or thought or totally controlled....He works for the tech and blood vampires in my guesstimate. I would guess because they all do that underground predator prey thing necessary to live a long time and keep having the tech and using it....have to hide it from the have not know-not surface prey....They run out of energy and whatever ingredients they need fresh live blood or loosh, either/or or they simply take over someone else that's screwing up and use their energy.....So what's GMO really for? To keep surface dwellers sick and not living long and going to doctor's and hospitals which is where they can extract plenty of fresh live blood, DNA or whatever they can use and take it to the 14 levels underground at the hospitals.....Sorry, your kid died (because we needed his nutrients or organs)...Seems to me they are all time travelers and can crash cars on the roads to keep DNA rolling in but people report the reptilians use portals for this DNA gathering.....If we have a good system with the right minded people there would need to be free or cheap land for really good people that aren't vampires or predators but they like to keep these kinds poor, or in the darkness of ignorance, or even get them addicted if they fall for that sex and drug movement or chasing money, they play them on temptations and addictions... If there's a farm that wasn't loaded with ghosts and demons.......farms have them too, not just old cities. I heard 7-11 and other giants do a ghost survey on land before they will build....Ghosts are said to be lower level demons not as talented. This is needing clarity....What kind of trouble ghosts or demons are making for land? I heard they get rid of them by flood or fire because there's nothing left to attach to if everyone and everything is gone. Therefore we see floods and fires galore, we know what's going on. Where do the ghosts go though? I think the greys catch them in the ether and put them in bodies...."The whole world is a giant blood and loosh factory" "Everybodies gonna die if we don't get under Getty Museum in Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA and take over their main base" Steven D Kelley

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