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#NASA seems to have lost their scientific method based proof of Earths rotation. Can you help them?

Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis - 203 Views
Published on 25 Jan 2022 / In Science

If you are able and would like to help support the channel, Any help is greatly appreciated. God bless.$ReshapingOurWorld

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goosegatherer 4 months ago

Fiction is fun ,but never to be taken seriously. Our earth does not ,nor ever has , rotated . We already know that NO ONE has ever proven any rotation of our very still Flat earth and obviously never will. Those of you very gullible ones out there will need to prove the rotation of your imaginary world if you are ever to be taken seriously by the learned ones. Stupidity is never compulsory , you choose to be a fool all by your ignorant self , no help needed.

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NASA is Satanic. Earth is still round.

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