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NAA Ranger II 22 Mag Top Break

Nutnfancy - 6,701 Views
Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Firearms

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NAA Ranger Accessories and unorthodox carry ideas are common. it’s up to you if these are cool or hokey, YMMV.
Neck carry in kydex?
Or turn it into a folder?
Little Ankle Holster:
Most IWB don’t have much retention, majority are leather slips:
Pocket carry is likely the fave:
Wallet carry is old-school, niche:
Wanna Open carry? Odd, but Ok:
If you need bigger grips?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

U.S. War Ships in 1855

What happened to all the BLUE EYED People.?.?.? We know from the study of Ancient Gods be they Chinese to the Japanese from the Hindu too the Buddha that all people once had BLUE EYES be it the Asian to the African from the Latino to the Mongolian Russians, and even in what is called The Middle East there were BLUE EYED Arabs, and Jews, and every place on this side of FLAT EARTH in our shared Celestial Sphere… For the records of WAR IS MURDER down here in Purgatory from the Chaldean to the Romans the blue eyed people once filled the lands, and the skies in fallen STAR FORTS and Pyramid Projections that lay in the lands of the Chinese Empire of the RED DRAGON to the South and Central Americans of Cowboys and Indians: dime store novels that never happened… There are old maps where Tens of thousands to Hundreds of Thousands men, and wombmen, and children fulfilled their destiny in the Koran – Bible – Talmud, and so many others, and these people, and persons would go from ROME to England from America to the King of Spain in only A DAY when we are told ships, and horse, and chariots carried the TOILET PAPER for every Invasion force of the USA let alone all the People in the Old Testament Greek, and Roman fights too the death for land, and islands in this Northern Hemisphere…

It is quite Apparent that NEW YORK city has many underground cities as well, and that from the E.U. to the U.K. to the good ole U.S.A. CAPITALISM and CORPORATIONS as a way of life continues thousand upon thousands of CENTURIES let alone Millenniums… It seems TRADE, and STOCKS, and BONDS, and {A Debt is A Debt} is all the Human, and nonhuman Populations have ever known where Buildings the Size of Mountains: once Levitated in the Sky doing Warfare with Magic, and SORCERY, and the Dark Arts of “Pharmacology” Before THE WALLS OF JERICHO FELL to earth where Chemicals are taken in a Little Pill too sipping A Poison to Injections by HYPODERMIC Needles called (No Jab = No Job), and as I seek too comprehend what type of NASA Ratheon Godzilla Dish [Trillion Watt] Lazers ripped open the sky high above, what of the weapons, and robots of military means in the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE SYSTEMS??? From Hawaii to Japan the U.S. Government has ALWAYS Ruled these lands’ long before World War One, and World War Two, and when we look at the MUD FLOOD Photos from the TAKE YOUR PILLS Opium Wars of “horse and buggy” why did MUD and MUCK come out of the DOME OF THE ROCK on those tragic “fateful days” at the end of the CATACLYSM WARS???

Knowing all people were raised as INCUBATOR BABIES and Children forced to dig deep into the ground to recover the DATA BANKS of all the past lives we have lived in this DE-Ja-VU Oraborus Curse of The Phoneticians……., and their FREE MASON O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar Hollywood to Bollywood FAKE SPACE moon landings, and MARS Rovers here in what (THEY LIVE) say in 2021 C.E. we can see the Sky Clock of our Celestial Sphere is Broken, and the the Moon that was once A Pearl in the Sky is now all tattered, shattered, and scattered with every Nuclear Hydrogen Holocaust Rocket slewn at her face: till she bleed RED, and it rained Blood that has since “dried” on her face as the Tattoo INK of Black Water {G4S} U.N. Troops where the USA is the WORLD POLICE of Peacekeeping Troops of the IMF, and the WHO, and who knows how many names, and labels, and provocations these “U.N. FLAGS” have done here since the Beginning of TIME??? I am but a mere Human Mortal Corporeal Fool for my mind was stolen by these TV SCREENS of lies agreed upon called under THE LAW Deception – Fraud – Treason – Treachery – Malfeasance – RACA in Mathew 5 of the NEW TESTAMENT…

The U.S. FLAG is the FLAG OF ROME as are all U.N. FLAGS with their Laurel Leafs, and as I watch Season Two of EARTH: Final Conflict where Aliens of the INTERNET infect all our minds as Body Snatchers in the Black Goo that makes the Blue and Green and Brown eyes become SLAVE EYES of Black Dots Only, I also watch this 1970’s UFO TV show where Black Dots for eyes in the 1970’s and back when we HAD A YELLOW SUN: were not a major factor of the Human Genetics in this Battle Star Galactica Take Over where every one has a Cyclonic CYLON in their hands as one Eye Watches you called HAL from the Space Odyssey of the TWIN TOWERS in 2001 to the end of all things in 2094 C.E. However, I was born in 1965 and at 55 the lesson of this place seem dark and deep as CORRUPTION of computer bank memories overflow, and if I am nothing but a Holocaust Survivor of the last of the few remaindering BLUE EYED people, what happens to this Celestial Sphere home world of EARTH when all Blue Eyed Peoples are no more??? For the U.N. Troops only want to rape the land, and kill all the Blue Skies and Blue Water, and maybe BLUE is what I will be till the die I die…

Johnny Exodice

I am sure all of you in my Rag Tag Rebellion know now there once was Blue Eyes in all Skin Tones, and from the Chinese to the African these WARS OF THIS WORLD have been used to eradicate all BLUE EYED People let alone their Blond and Red Hair, and though Green eyes are a Degeneration as are Brown eyes, do so too tell me: What makes HUMAN Eyes become nothing more then Black Holes where the Color of the Human Soul should be???

The Society of nonmason~

WE ARE and THEY LIVE are all the same… Yet some want POWER, and FAME, and too PLAY THE GAME while many more of us each day: just want to be left alone too grow old, and ONE DAY go home…

The Sentinel...

Σ ‡ Ω † π

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Schmuckatelli 1 year ago

Just came and watched the vid again here on UGETube as I already watched it when it was uploaded to Patreon. Good job diversifying the platforms before the rug gets pulled out from under you. I have left FB, IG, and Twitter. Slowly migrating my email off GMail and once that is done I will flush both Google and their subsidiary, YouTube. I have also created accounts on Gab, Rumble, Odysee and followed you on each of those platforms.

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ReggieCO 1 year ago

Thank you posting to an alternative to commie tube

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Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 1 year ago

Nutnfancy, I am 14 years old and I was wondering if you had any advice for my situation, my literacy teacher is a diehard liberal and she is constantly trying to indoctrinate me and my classmates into her way of thinking, what do you think I should do?

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Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Cooper 1 year ago

Not just nutnfancy, if any other TNPers have any advice feel free to share

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@Jonathan Cooper: Best thing I can recommend is to be tactful about it. Some good advice a teacher gave me was to 1) evaluate the situation and find where everyone leans in a conversation. 2) find to what extend everyone is willing to hear you out 3) determine if you will even be able to have an influence on the conversation and to what extent. 4) Know when to hold your tongue. That last bit of advice may be the most important thing to learn. I am a hs senior, and I can hardly wait to graduate because I also have grown tired of the constant push to indoctrinate us. We are not alone! Steadfast brother!

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Nutnfancy 1 year ago

That's good advice that Six gives above. At this stage of life you will have to play along in order to get along. Pretend you care about her opinions but mentally flush them down the toilet. If you do otherwise, she will harass you, give you low grades, and secretly loathe you. Bide your time. Later in life you'll have more power to stand up, be vocal, and not care what these commies think. Stay BASED (which it sounds like you are) and understand this gas lighting is from the devil and his followers.

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elites.less 1 year ago

Just a terrible gun. At first I was like, oh, that’sa cool little ankle dip! Then you said it was +400 and I was like, “Dam! I would NEVER spend that much for that.

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