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Musings from a Small Island #3: War of Consciousness, “Immunization” against Vaccination, Imagination Defeats Sorcery

Sol Luckman
Sol Luckman - 253 Views
Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In Health

Thank you for turning on and tuning into this episode of Musings from a Small Island with your host, Sol Luckman.

Musings from a Small Island is my new podcast inspired by my forthcoming memoir of the same name. In both podcast and book, my goal is to provide an “artistic” take on the world and the situations that affect us all while serving it up with equal parts irreverent humor and wide-ranging philosophy of a generally optimistic nature.

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Links for This Episode:

THE EVENT: Learn How to Potentiate Your DNA to Resist or Heal Vaccine Damage


Trump Derangement vs. Trump Enablement

Christine Massey Reveals Covid-19 “Virus” Has NEVER Been Isolated & Shown to Cause Disease

The True, Albeit Fictional, Nature of the “Virus”

SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING (Free Ebook & Audiobook Serialization)

CALI THE DESTROYER: The Archontic Agenda Exposed

Jon Rappoport: Parallel-universe Therapy (Audio Podcast)

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WAR ROOM (Full Show) Tuesday - 12/6/22
General Shepherd