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MSM Whines “Anti-Vaxers are Winning” — Here’s How We’re Winning

David Knight
David Knight - 277 Views
Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Nullification via the lessor magistrate is WORKING. Here’s where it’s working and how it’s working

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Boetie 1 month ago

In a normal country the people from MSM would be in prison. These pseudo journalists are in reality like the journaisls we saw in USSR and NAZI GERMANY. Englisht speaking NAZIS or BOLSHEVIKS.

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In Jesus name amen
In Jesus name amen 1 month ago

Great video! Keep up the good work

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Zaafira 1 month ago

I am sorry to admit you are absolutely right. I admit it because in the past I thought Trump was good for America.. But, as Shiva Ayyadurai said: Obama saved the banks, Trump saved big farma, they care nothing about us.

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Val- Ragnar
Val- Ragnar 1 month ago

Trump was the (political) rights "Obama". He told his base what they wanted to hear, then did the opposite.

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chucke711 1 month ago

Thank You David! Keep doing the real work and protecting our Liberty. Trump enabled the mass murderers.

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