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Mount1 Ugetube Report - DC Is Still A Ghost Town - WTF?

Ambassador,  Dr William Mount
Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

Where's Joe & His Congress?
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FBJones 2 years ago

When a Corporation goes bankrupt, all assets are seized. Every building that was a part of the corporation and it's contents were seized - hence the fence and the military - they were there for many reasons, and this was one.

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dashing 2 years ago

SMOKE or Condensation from the Cold Air.

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TiggerUSA17 2 years ago

Dude, learn how to use your phone for videos. You had it set to record at HD 4K. It is buffering all over the place because your shooting at such high resolution and created a 15 minute video that is 1.8 GB. I am surprised UGETube allowed you to shoot such a huge video. Most people shoot at 720 P HD or 1080 P HD, which way good enough for crisp clearvideo and for 15 miutes it would be about maybe 20 MB not 1.8 GB. So its goung to buffer on your side over Cellular speeds but causes buffering at your phone and when played here, will buffer from UGETUBE due to the large video size.
Still nicevideo of what is going on.But you know nothing will happen on March 4th. Anyone telling you something will happen on any date, is telling a big fat lie. Military does no leak military operation details. You of all should know that, coming from the Military. It is why you are getting no info, leaks, or no intel. So stop setting your users up for a failure. It will happen when when the Military has everything in place and done before you will hear or see anything. Read the constitution and you will be surprised, Trump is still President, till March 20th. He did not step down as President and never conceded. You need to listen carefully. Trump announced he was retiring not stepping down. You retire from a a Corporation, and step down from the U.S. Presidency. The UNITED STATES of America Inc. Is Bankrupt and defunct. Trump retired from the UNITED STATES of America Inc. He is President of the Restored Republic United States For America, then signed the Insurrection Act, and we went to Military Control. The US is under Military Control until the Military secures the Constitution and The United States For America and its citizens. The smoke is to collapse the tunnels under DC, where Children and Babies were, thousands of them. Also heard CCP Military are in those tunnels too. So when the Country is secured, We will either have another election or they will announce Trump Won the Election as the CCP, France and Dominion and The Deep State working with and for the CCP Stole the election using the Fake Virus to steal the election by bringing ballits from China to make up for Almost Nobody voting for the Fake Biden. That is not Biden in that Hollywood prop mask. But you will find that out with the rest of those still believing their lies and the actors doung a movie from Castle Rock Studios, a Prop White House, oval room and other rooms at least. Did you notice Biden is now left handed? There is more. But why ruin your fun. Turn off the Fake News MSM, and remember the ilitary does not leak. If you have ilitary contacts, you are being given misinformation as your not on the trusted list list and not in the Need To Know.

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KeatsBaptiste 2 years ago

The statue on the Capitol, for other ignorant people who might not know like the narrator on this video, is "Freedom triumphant in War and Peace." Her garb is based on Native American dress. She was commissioned to be made by Thomas U. Walter - who cast it in his art studio in Rome. By the way, in large cities, STEAM comes out of the ground regularly; not smoke.

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gbaerial 2 years ago

William, Washington DC is no longer our Capitol. No Trump ceremonies there.

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