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Mother of Disabled Children Has Her Electricity Cut Off - Continuation

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

“This lady is a mum with an autistic child and 2 others at home and has paid the electric bill yet the utility warehouse decided that after they fitted her an unwanted smart meter while a relative was childminding ; they won't remove it.
After writing making them aware of a doctors letter for serious health reasons why it needed removing they refused so she got an electrician to fit a regulated safe meter .
They turned up with 5 men no warning and advised they wouldn't give a name or company phone number to prove who they were .
Apparently they applied to an admin court in Birmingham for a war-rent and offered to refit a smart meter or cut the electric off!
This was found by police she called to be Haste Revenue Protection services aided by network grid uk.

“She has been without electricity for the food freezer for special food for the child for 4 days and had to rebuy all supplies they left a 5ft deep hole in the road 4ft wide and won't reconnect for less than 4000 and in 6 weeks time.
“Shame on the corpse bridegrooms who did this!”
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Mother of Disabled Children Has Her Electricity Cut Off - Continuation

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