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Morgellons Self Aware Bio Weapon Fiber's

Land of the Free
Land of the Free - 437 Views
Published on 17 Apr 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

Last one for tonight. A little repetitive but ties in to the other videos ( https://ugetube.com/watch/shor....ter-clip-pcr-test-sw )I have shared about the possibility of the covid tests themselves being a bioweapon. This video is just a compilation of things related to it. You put 2 and 2 together and see what you get. It's definitely bizarre that a fiber from the test (first video) would react to sound. In another video I saw online it was like 'permanently static' and reaching out to things.

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Operation Q
Operation Q 12 days ago

"Face Mask Dangers: Hypoxia, Immunodeficiency & Morgellons Lead To The Causation of COVID-19 Symptoms"

"The Adverse Effects of Experimental Messenger RNA (mRNA) "Vaccines" a.k.a. Injections For COVID-19"

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Eyeson 20 days ago

They look the same as what I found in my wife’s masks. Which the hospital she works at Gave them to her to wear. And they make hospital staff double the masks and wear a shield as well. Pure nonsense.

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EyeQ168 20 days ago

... What a surreally hideous covert attack and debilitation mechanism.

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