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MORGELLON (Disease?) FIBERS found in PPE2 Corona Masks 26 March 21 in Germany

eeZee "E" ~ goingb0nk3rs
eeZee "E" ~ goingb0nk3rs - 86,335 Views
Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In Health

I could not believe this myself! almost 10 years ago as I research lots I came across these strange fibers crawling out of wounds that people when they did go to doctors for simply got told they were deluded and crazy, although over the years more interest developed and research got done and many video clips are still available on youtube online (for now?) about it. BUT now finding this crawling around in a freshly opened package from a pharmacy with a brand new mask you are meant to wear containing these...? A.I.? Aliens? Fiber more likely to be some dark army group experiment decided to use maybe for all those who don't want to get vaccinated and contaminated by the so-called test where they shove these nanofibres in your nose, right by the Celebreum to enter your brains and be trackers or what?

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 3 days ago

Crazy. What’s the deal with the fibers? Does anyone know what they are for sure?

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Game Changers
Game Changers 7 days ago

Nanofibers EXPOSED: What’s it like to know that the unhidden dangers of face masks can damage a mask wearer's lungs? ;https://rumble.com/vffsvx-nano....fibers-nanofibres-ex

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bookshop 7 days ago

@goingb0nk3rs : thumbs up, audio track is loading, but video is not... i watched it one week ago, it was working.. i already commented it but yesterday it was not loading... maybe ugetube advertisers do not load and block video track while loading advertiser ..

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Joel S Hirschhorn
Joel S Hirschhorn 8 days ago

Would like to be on this podcast because of my new book Pandemic Blunder:
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Eyeson 11 days ago

Stop wearing them and wake up

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eeZee "E" ~ goingb0nk3rs

@Eyeson, indeed, but if you MUST make simple on outof a 2 litre plastic bottle, its simple and really NOTHING gets though that, not even these Morgellon Fibers!!...well so i hope. Its just here where i am if we go into thecity center in busy shopping areas when they are open etc you must wear them and if not... 250 Euro fine, in a car with others your responsible for them too so the fine is 750 Euro on the spot! Trying to play with them verbally and you go to court because you caused trouble and if you defend yourself the same way you get Collocated or the other word that escapes me now in english "Put under an -bewindvoering- but it trasnlate to be putting under governement..watch me clip off the movie I Care a Lot because they applied it to my poor old mum!! Oh yeah its what happened with Britney Spears where her dad became to one in control. So yeah..ye better smooth talk the cops very smartly pretending you like them, any violence and you get ripped by a dog into dogfood or beat you up so bad like yeah..you must have seen enough in action, i also made a documentary how to defend you against the police now in this WW3 situation. its 1 of the so far little list of clips i started here, they killed my facebook basically, ghostblocked it, and already took about 270 clips down, withou the option of letting you back it up!

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