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Morgan Freeman Dislikes Two Things. 👍🤟🤘😈🥰🙂

superdavebeastula - 135 Views
Published on 31 May 2023 / In News and Politics

The two things that Morgan Freeman hates is Black History Month and the term African American. For the first, question he would ask, are you willing to relegate this History to a Month? The African American terminology is ludicrous because not all black people came from Africa.

Here's the article from the WLT Report that we used.

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gang 4 months ago

morgan freeman is jimi hendrix twin

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anoncoward 4 months ago

It's so good to know men are fighting the NWO by calling each other "Chad"... As if that means anything to anyone who isn't on a CIA infested shit site all day. Chad. How disturbing and gay.

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