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More Adverse Reactions, It's Genocide

Walk In Verse
Walk In Verse - 277 Views
Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

A WA great grandmother suffered dangerous AstraZeneca side effects tells her story for the first time.

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hatbox 4 months ago

In all honesty this woman is in an age bracket where life and death becomes a crapshoot. But, she could easily live to be 100 years old. And why shouldn't she? Anti christ means loveless. Christ is love, anti christ the polar opposite. The murdering of people, especially the most vulnerable (elderly, unborn, children, disabled) will not go unpunished. Don't comply, don't get the mRNA injection. It's a kill shot!

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Theroadtroll 4 months ago

Matter of asset or liability.shes over retirement age and the gov has to honor their payments.shes not productive and paying any taxes.a death produces several taxes.inheratence taxes and property transfers.thats a sick thought but that's what they want.i wouldn't stand within 100ft of these people,lightning is coming any time.Gods gonna love them on judgement day

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goosegatherer 4 months ago

For anyone out there who hasn't spotted this obvious CULLING of the human race or who thinks it is a lie, please go and get your boosters asap.....those who are onto this massive murder project that ALL governments have authorized and promoted will happily Escort you to the nearest murder center to make certain YOU don't miss out.

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