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MK Ultra 2020 (Don't Worry) Our Creator-God Watches Everything(Maintain Your Good-Intent)

JamesRoss - 225 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2024 / In Spiritual

When you finally realize how greedy and self-righteous and murderous those Freemasons and Eastern-Star neighbors have become in their hearts... very wicked, genocidal and ruthless hearts... It is important to also realize that they do not realize that they are failing their own precious soul's as they expect the devils' lies to miraculously come true... expecting mind-uploads into AI to actually work and they will become immortal... Promised a high-tech immortality as their reward for treachery and then go "Ad Astra per Aspera" to spread such wickedness through-out the stars. What obelisk phalli wankers... All Luciferian conciousnesses and souls will never evade leaving physical reality. When their bodies die, they will all enter the afterlife to realize how withered their soul-fragments have become. Then they will realize that they failed their challenge to grow a worthy soul while alive. Homo capensis were not real devils... they were just left around to help the unworthy to destroy their own precious souls.

The Homo capensis, Ai-technology and hivemind-rewards is like a bait for sucker-fish. They nibble, the devil smirks, then they swallow the lure, take the brainchip, with a microwave line going back to their hive of minions.

Low level souls need to jump into groups for group protection and a sense of belonging even if they don't like what they do.
But guess what, the Creator-God gives those who want out the tool called "free-will" to come out of the group and stand alone. All it takes is guts and good-intent to try saving one's soul.

The multidimensional universe unfolds itself with infinite probabilities to survive. With the intent to survive, your Creator-God supports your soul-growth with good-intent. You may want to do likewise. The devils are no leaders towards success... Homo capensis is a failed mankind, to follow them is not a wise choice.

You are a human for the purpose of growing a successful and worthy soul and personality that progresses into a useful afterlife. Unworthy, murderous personalities find out in the afterlife that a box is their reward for giving-up on the love which created their souls in the first place. How can a unloving, murderous thUg go back to a loving place?


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