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spirit warrior of the mist man
Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In People and Blogs

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jimbond 2 months ago

I have steel roofing tiles and aluminum siding. Safe, or not?

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Like your analysis...
The thUgs in control are mainly the Freemasons and the Order of Knights Templar at the top degree:
On April 1st 2020, they entire Mystery School Cult declared their long awaited and prepared for world war III: Presidential Crest indicates that the Cult ruling politics changed faces. Now they are the secret enemy within and the murder and culling commenced.
The Speaker of this vid does not seem to realize the Cult is actually the murderous enemy, but very few people do.

The Star-Trek analogy is very good. The worship that the trekkies put towards the show was because they were Cult and knew the technology of the future could be fantastic because Cult-minions are now currently selling out their own physical genetics to become cyborgs in the future. They dont realize the Homo capensis masters from the ancient times are lying to the minions in order to gain their servitude.
The main lie is that the A.I. supercomputer will create a "singularity" where the deity Lucifer will enter our physical plane.
Freemasons tomestone motto is "May you always be in the 'Light'." These traitors to humanity really believe that the human soul/mind/ego can be uploaded into the A.I. memory banks for an electronic immortality. The computer mimicks "old Joe's" personality and tricks the living thUgs that Joe got uploaded for real. It is all a lie... This lie is why the Freemasons rebuilt the Tower-of-Babel thanks

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