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Milabs, Mind Control & Occult Programming - Olivia James Interview with James Bartley

James Bartley
James Bartley - 204 Views
Published on 14 Jun 2024 / In Spiritual

Part 2:

Olivia was born into the programs by a family of drug traffickers. Olivia was trauma trained in programs like MK ultra where her mind was split to create alters used for missions on earth and in space. She was used for espionage, occult, beta, and corporate programs. Olivia’s main focus is finding her memories, using them to heal her alters, and hoping that her memories can assist others.

Olivia James, who has undergone MK Ultra Mind Control Programming talks about her experiences in various Mind Control and Occult Programs. She was born into a family of drug traffickers. Her father was formerly in the U.S. Army in an intelligence related capacity. Her father made a deal whereby he would avoid prison if he offered up his daughter Olivia to be used and exploited in Mind Control Programs. Olivia has been taken off world to Mars.
Olivia James does a deeper dive into Mind Control, ETs and some of the projects she was inducted into or has knowledge of.

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