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Merchan Just Ended His Career/ Hunter Biden priviledge/ Leftist foolery

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Published on 05 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

🚨Trump 'rejoices' as Judge Merchan Just Ended His Career
**Stormy Daniels Breaks Silence: Shocking Message for Melania Trump!**

🔥 Stormy Daniels breaks her media silence in a jaw-dropping interview! She says Melania Trump should leave Donald Trump, citing his conviction as the reason. "He's neither Teflon Don nor Teflon Con anymore," Daniels declares. What will Melania do? Find out more about this explosive revelation!

**Fauci's Stunning Testimony on Covid-19 Origins!**

😲 Dr. Anthony Fauci supports suspending US funding to EcoHealth Alliance, the controversial group tied to the origins of Covid-19. What's the real story behind the $120,000 grant and its connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Dive into Fauci's testimony and the surprising twists in this ongoing saga!

**Trump Turns Conviction Into Cash!**

💰 After being found guilty on 34 felony counts, Donald Trump's campaign raises a record-breaking $53 million in just 24 hours! Is this the boost he needs for the 2024 election? Senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles reveal the inside scoop on this fundraising frenzy!

**Hunter Biden's Legal Battle Heats Up!**

🔫 Hunter Biden's gun purchase controversy intensifies! With strong evidence and new Supreme Court rulings, can Hunter Biden defend himself against the charges? Discover the latest developments in this high-stakes legal drama!

**GameStop Soars Again Thanks to Roaring Kitty!**

📈 Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, reveals a massive $181.4 million position in GameStop, sending the stock soaring. Is this the beginning of another meme stock rally? Uncover the details behind his latest move and its impact on the market!

**Juror Bribery Shocker in Major Fraud Trial!**

🤑 A juror in a $40 million fraud trial was offered $120,000 to vote for acquittal! Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Thompson calls it "outrageous behavior." What's next for the seven defendants and the massive pandemic-related fraud case? Get the full story now!

**Trump's Manhattan Trial: What's Next?**

⚖️ Will Judge Merchan send Donald Trump to jail? With 34 felony counts and the upcoming 2024 election, the pressure is on. Could this be a turning point in Trump's political career? Explore the dramatic courtroom developments and what's at stake!

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manortom63 2 months ago

Stormy is nothing but a LIAR! and will pay President Trump back! NOTHING BUT A HOAX, and she already signed two letters that she has NEVER been with President Trump!

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