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Members of Mystery Babylon (part 3): Islam

Cleansing the Academy
Cleansing the Academy - 419 Views
Published on 18 Jul 2022 / In Spiritual

Islam, religion and social system, downplays the sinful nature of man, as well as the rebellion of Satan. Because man only needs to follow the teachings of the false prophet Muhammad, to become right with Allah (in his "oneness"), mortals have the power to establish a just global government, which will be further consolidated by a human messiah like figure. Man is the collective vicar of Allah, with one's struggle for his new order the goal for the age.

Prayerfully conduct study and research with discernment, as you pursue the Truth (Jesus Christ): - Islamic Jesus vs Biblical Jesus - Truthunedited - Concept of Sin in Islam - Faith of Life Network - Story of Iblis - Islamic Guidance - Sword and the Crescent - Keith Thompson - Jihad in America - Steven Emerson (1994) - What is Shariah, Sharia Law, and Sources of Sharia? - AIMS Education UK - What is Sharia Law? - Abdur Raheem Green - Government of Imam Mahdi

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