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MASTER MANIFESTOR, Living 5D!! Jan 6th DC Rally, Prayer for Trump, Bifurcation, Quantum Science, Meds Beds, Karma

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Published on 07 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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⭐⭐ Kimberly Palm is the author of the bestselling book Ascension 101: A Roadmap for your Soul. She is a spiritual teacher and adviser for seekers of the truth on their journey. Kimberly offers private sessions. https://spiritualgrowthjourneys.com

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Mkpink2b 16 days ago

*****unable to log in to your website...message says it doesn't exist***** took a screenshot...?attempted to open from the link u emailed....Heads up!!!

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grammy777 17 days ago

adronis said that the big blast will happen in 2036

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Julie Trump
Julie Trump 17 days ago

Oh my gosh. I am sure April was looking for more than “Covid wen through the residence” as to why this woman’s brother got Covid. I think April and I were both hoping for a more metaphysical reason as I wonder the same. My sister-in-law got the Covid, but my brother who sleeps in the same bed did not. “IT went through the residence” is a very 3D, lame reason.

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stargateone 17 days ago

Covid-19 had an Ai component that targeted certain humans who were not able to hold the 5D frequency and sped up their exit. Fear is also a component that draws to you what you most fear. Many people were in deep fear over this virus.

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lojob68898 17 days ago

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