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Massive Inflation Warning! Central Banks Doing Major Damage | Gregory Mannarino

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Published on 16 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

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In the interview, Greg Mannarino and Stephen Gardner discuss the state of the US economy, the actions of the Federal Reserve, and the potential impact on the stock market. He expresses concerns about the market being a "big fat ugly bubble" and emphasizes the role of the Federal Reserve in inflating it. Mannarino suggests that the central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, are deliberately creating a system that benefits corporate investors and the elite while potentially leading to a wealth transfer effect.

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He delves into the manipulation of the debt market, the impact of suppressed interest rates, and the weakening of the dollar as strategies employed by central banks. Mannarino criticizes the lack of price discovery in the market, attributing it to the actions of the Federal Reserve. He predicts that the central banks will continue to suppress rates and engage in practices that benefit the stock market, emphasizing the importance of understanding these mechanisms for investors.

Mannarino advocates for diversification in investments, recommending physical assets like gold and silver. He mentions the potential shift towards a digital currency and the loss of privacy associated with it. The interview concludes with a discussion on the challenges posed by rising inflation, the potential manipulation of information, and the need for individuals to protect themselves from the current financial system.

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