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Mass resignations, Australia & Austria update, Radiation in BC, Chicken experimented with jab, Doctor murdered for discovering Graphene Hydroxide, FDA data dump, G. Maxwell’s case and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 2,632 Views
Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Spiritual

We are witnessing mass resignations of many CEOs, politicians and even medical examiners. It seems to be strange these resignations are happening within the same week of Ghislaine Maxwell trial’s. Awfully strange isn’t it? MPs in Dan Andrew’s party are resigning like no tomorrow. Austrian’s puppet leaders are also resigning, which is a good sign they are losing control there. Radiation has leaked into environment after the destruction of DUMBS in BC. Frightening results of what happens to dead tissue after receiving the jab. German chemist and doctor was recently killed for his work on finding out Graphene Hydroxide. FDA is about to be exposed for their complicity in crimes against humanity with the authorization of these kill shots. And tune in for more coverage that you don’t want to miss out.

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hurraheveryone 1 month ago

Keep up the great job! One question: Why do you trust Gesara, It sounds to me like the ultimate in centralized AI control, so much potential for corrupt takeover. How do we know it will stay honest and just?

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 1 month ago

This is what I see too - Santa Surfing Broadcast preaches it to no end. How is everyone getting money from the government NOT being controlled by communists? How is it NOT UBI (Universal Basic Income)? How is it NOT paying ppl / welfare to discourage anyone from busting ass to get ahead, when you KNOW free money is coming? And how is it NOT leaving yourself open to be controlled / social credit score that the Chinese practice, & World economic Forum promising? The only thing I think that would be honest & just is Flat Taxes. 15% flat tax would pay for government. Plus, NO ONE should be allowed to wait to be voted out. If 65% of all verified legit voters sign a petition to oust someone (say a school board in LA, Newsom, Trudeau or Cuomo or Biden)? Save the time, destruction of our country, the $$, & take him out. of office, lol

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 1 month ago

Keep the faith!

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schreckma 1 month ago

I’m not sure if all these political resignations are good. The ultimate agenda for the Cabal is a one world government. If a country is left without a leader doesn’t that make it ripe for the imposition of the NWO through the UN?

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hard-drive 1 month ago

grilled dorsey passes the torch before burning

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mRNA Jab in Food Supply
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