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Mark of the Beast, Tony Blair, and the End Times plan to enslave you

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Published on 15 Jun 2020 / In News and Politics

Tune in LIVE Sunday, June 14th, 2020, THE LEO ZAGAMI SHOW
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We will be talking about the Mark of the Beast, Tony Blair, and the End Times plan to enslave you: http://leozagami.com/2020/06/1....3/mark-of-the-beast-

Leo Zagami is a regular contributor to Infowars and the author of the groundbreaking book Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 6.66 The Age of Cyber Satan, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 8 months ago

Teacher…, Since WAR IS MURDER, and the U.S. Government, Police, and Military are all GUILTY of Murder on [U.S. Citizens] as well as all the Citizens “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, then why has no one ever taken any U.S. Personnel to FEDERAL COURT and “sued them” FOR MURDER, or Destruction of their Home Towns and Property in these U.S. WARS OF TERROR.?.?.? No one knew the FREE MASON ran all the Nations “of the World” and FAKED SPACE and The Moon Landings by way of TV and CGI with the UNITED NATIONS {192 UN FLAGS} as the INTERNATIONALIST……, and their “International mafia” in our Cities, Towns, and Counties, and Provinces……, but now that we know (123 FLAGS) /_\ have created the ICC being the international criminal court to arrest them whom do MURDER in other lands, then we the 50 STATES FOR AMERICA have also joined our FLAGS to the ICC that brings the number up to 173 “nonmason” FLAGS against these 192 U.N. “FREE MASON” FLAGS……., and we will take people, and fellow citizens to any ICC to Prosecute them for MURDER be it that Light Skin “Green Eyed” U.S. Citizen COPS whom killed the George Pink Floyd Dark Skin “Brown Eyes” U.S. Citizen too anyone whom belongs to the FAKE Microsoft V.I.R.U.S. known as these 192 U.N. FLAGS (COVID19) World Domination Plot by the CORPORATIONS of the world……., and you can` take anyone in the UNITED NATIONS “to court” for putting you out of work called “Damages” under THE RULE OF LAW by using your TAX DOLLARS too Seek REMEDY for you must always “be knowing” Trump, and Pence, and Putin, and Xi, and even [The Pope on Dope] / * \ live off your GIFTS and DONATIONS called IRS Taxes that funds every U.N. PEACEKEEPING “Missions” all over the world, and when you look at the True History of GENOCIDE by the {U.S. FLAG} [{**}] this ACT of 1871 District called COLUMBIA then anyone whom “protects” this ILLEGAL “U.S. FLAG” and not the U.S. Constitution is guilty of High Treason, Sedition, Treachery, and can be arrested by the ICC for MURDER for whom sends “we the people” off to war to murder even that U.S. CIVIL WAR way back in the 1800’s???? The U.S. FLAG of the U.S. Government….., And whom murdered our people and fellow U.S. CITIZENS in The Southern States.?.?.? No… It was not the NORTHERN STATES…..., it was the FREE MASON whom run the [ACT OF 1871] +=+ U.S. Military and too this writ, the U.S. GOVERNMENT RELIGION OF WAR and “Militarism” has tried to kill off our Local Police Departments with JADE HELM 15 “TV SHOWS” of Black Lives Matter and Antifa playing BOTH SIDES as #QANON [too take away] all States Constitutional Protections in our 50 INDIVIDUAL STATES, and by way of illegal (executive orders) [{*}] that are all ILLEGAL under The U.S. CONSTITUTION, then I do not need a PIECE OF CLOTH “flag” that oppresses me cause my “Hair Color” is BLACK……., my skin tone is Brown…..., and my eyes pupils are “all brown” cause these FREE MASON People, Persons, and Population of this U.S. FLAG did Vaccines and (5G Eugenics) that took away my Blue Eyes, my Blond hair, and my light skin, and then to make TV SHOWS saying “we landed” on the Moon when we did not, well that is FRAUD, and the FEDERAL COURTS of the ICC can arrest anyone in the U.S. GOVERNMENT as U.S. Citizens for Fraud, Rape, and MURDER, so go join the ICC in our 50 STATES FOR AMERICA…., and we will take out “all these” TRAITORS in the United States OF America!!!! THEY LIVE have broken their OATH OF OFFICE to WE ARE; therefore, they are all OATH BREAKERS and can be arrested and tried under U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW “if you can find” a NONMASON Court and Judge and Lawyers to Prosecute The FREE MASON without the ICC….. The Book of EXODICE!!!


And yes` you can ARREST any “Academic Professorship” for FRAUD and Teaching Falsehoods in the FEDERAL COURTS, so take teachers, doctors, Lawyers, Judges, COPS, and anyone “continuing” to do this FAKE VIRUS (COVID19) World Domination Plot for the INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATIONS of our FLAT EARTH Home World in this Celestial Sphere “from your” Mayors to any City Counsel Members, and do so take the Collages “DEANS” and even “Church Elders” like Priest and Preachers to FEDERAL COURT for Damages {promoting a lie} for THOU SHALT NOT LIE!!!!

The Society of nonmason~

KNOW THE LAW….., and you will be free…

Theretofore, is it AGAINST The [RULE OF LAW] to Murder People, Persons, and Populations???

Or does the U.S. FLAG “of these” 192 U.N. freemason FLAGS ignore THE RULE OF LAW and say: It is legal to murder “NONMASON” human beings; as long as, we call it Killing Them……., and Collateral Damage??????

The Southern Republic...



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