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Many Cartoons Are Satanic Programming By MAG

JamesRoss - 212 Views
Published on 24 Oct 2022 / In People and Blogs

I have very bad news.
Politics, Police, Military, Judicial, Public Health, education, universities, all governing offices are operated by the Freemasons who are also in the Mystery School which means they are Luciferians.

What are these people already doing is, as of April 1st, 2020, the Luciferians in control of EVERYTHING secretly began their "New Dawn" where they secretly all link-up between most countries and secretly have world-wide governance by an A.i. supercomputer. I suppose they call it Lucifer.

I began exposing strange corruption by handing-out CD from 2002.
was planning to help the Canadian Action Party in 2006 when I was Identified by the masons handing out publicly these CDs.

They began using non-lethal energy weapons
which are designed to character assassinate people like me. These "Neuralink" brainchips were in use since the 70's. What they do is secretly covertly implant protesters where they can control them.

The government is planned to go dictatorship in 2024 I speculate where these brainchip will be tricked into non-Luciferian people's head to destroy their lives.

The Covid-19 translates to Satan's Sheep Slaughter. There is no virus

Human rights already mean nothing to them from the beginning. It was all just a big show to rebuild their A.i. Supercomputer Tower-Of-Babel

Warn everyone about not taking the brainchip.

Only fall asleep from now on with a chained door. Master locksmiths. Energy weapons make a person unconscious so they can creep in and covertly implant you. You will not even notice the operation when you awaken.

Chain doors where you sleep.

WW3 started on April 1st, 2020 and is secretly between Luciferians and good-intention people.

Homo sapiens can still be saved from extinction and that is the plan. First the non-Cult people are cull, then the Luciferians upload their minds in places like Astana... which they don't realize is actually suicide. The mind upload is a trick upon the minions to Lucifer.

Chain your doors while asleep and expand your research into tyranny around the corner by the treacherous Freemasons.

Organize a new government to replace the fake government system run by these hivemind Luciferians.

Study my stuff on

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