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Major Rulings From SCOTUS - Trump Floats Abolishing Income Tax - Headline News 6/21/24

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Published on 22 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

Weekly News Report! Backlogged Supreme Court big decisions released this week could effect Hunter Biden, Trump's trials, and J6R's, along with immigration. Trump floats abolishing the income tax while promising to eliminate taxes on tips. Louisiana is putting the ten commandments in every classroom. Mega Church pastors predatory behavior is exposed. All of that and more in This Week’s Top News Stories! Read More:

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David Simmons
David Simmons 1 month ago

It's either voluntary or it's slavery. Our 13th Amendment outlawed slavery in 1865. The 13 Amendment is the law that never was. Americans are getting too smart for the Synagogue of satan so they are replacing the intelligent American with stupid invaders that don't even know what our Constitution is here in America. I got news for Trump I am not tying 10% of my income to the dirty rotten bastards in Congress. Our Constitution lays out a flat tax, per capita. It's Congress that needs to wake up and get rid of the Synagogue of satan. Or go get a real job.

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