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🔴Main Stream Media's NEW HOAX - Letitia James MAKES HUGE MISTAKE with Trump!

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 23 Mar 2024 / In News and Politics

👉 Get Michael's book A Savage Republic - Join Stephen Gardner in a riveting conversation with Dr. Michael Savage, conservative radio host, author, and freedom fighter, as we delve into critical issues shaping our nation.

Here's a bullet point YouTube video summary of the interview with Dr. Michael Savage:

Overwhelming Chaos and Leftist Agenda:
• Dr. Savage believes the left is intentionally causing overwhelming chaos to reform society in their image
• Quotes Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities"
• Examples of "absurdities" leading to "atrocities": defunding police, open borders, gender ideology, critical race theory, etc.

Corporate Greed and Illegal Immigration:
• Tyson Foods firing 1,200 American workers but hiring 52,000 illegal immigrants for cheaper labor
• Corporate greed and bottom-line mindset, disregarding social impacts
• Historical parallels of undercutting American workers with cheaper immigrant labor

Government Overreach and Illegal Immigration Crisis:
• Administration's role in enabling and encouraging illegal immigration crisis
• Impact on schools, healthcare, and communities
• Erosion of borders, language, and culture – core aspects of a nation's identity

Targeting of Trump and Political Persecution:
• Letitia James' prosecution of Trump seen as political persecution and "show me the man, I'll show you the crime" mentality
• Use of minority figures like James and Fani Willis to target political opponents
• Corruption allegations around Fani Willis' conflict of interest and relationship with prosecutor

Civil War from Within and Leftist Insurgency:
• Believes the left is waging an insurgency to destroy America from within, without firing shots
• Illegal immigration crisis, undermining of institutions, and cultural erosion as part of this "civil war"
• Danger of canceling elections and totalitarian overreach, drawing parallels to Soviet Union

Bernie Sanders' "Democratic Socialism" and Communism:
• Debunks the idea of "democratic socialism" as a step towards communism
• Sanders' role in shaping Biden's economic policies and federal budget
• Historical context of Trotskyism and the violent Bolshevik Revolution

Call to Wake Up and Resist:
• Urgency to wake people up to the underlying agenda and threats
• Importance of resisting the erosion of American values and principles
• Promotion of his book, podcast (rebranded as "Savage Nation Podcast"), and online presence

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