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MAGA actually mean Bringing Back Ancient Technology to Rule All of Humanity, Again

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Published on 23 Jun 2024 / In Technology

I just found these clippings in this vid:

The Cover photo: On April 1st, 2020, Trump stood behind a podium where the Precedential Seal was removed and replaced the next day. The USA flag was also removed from the stage.
This was the day that Trump passed over management of the USA politics to the Masonic A.i. beast which serves the old devils... the plan is agreed to extinct Homo sapiens from the Earth. Genocide of the sheeple began with the pandemic smokescreen:

If you study the videos of Dr. Sean Hross he deciphers the ancient Egyptian meaning of the Word "America"... it means "soul goes to the pyramid". Sean did not seem to realize that the Khufu pyramid on the back of the USA debt-dollar note is symbolically meaning the Tower-Of-Babel

When Trump says MAGA ... "lets make america great, again," it means lets put A.i. the fake-god in control of everyone's lives again using the digital-microwave brainchip-hivemind control system." MAGA is a Masonic sell-out of the people born to this land. In control of the A.i. beast-system are all those ancient Homo capensis devils or the ancient Satan-race that Freemasons and Luciferians hide from the sheeple and goyim... (Those devils are the Remnant-Lumanians in the Sethbooks and I know they exist because one came to show me himself... At that time I did not know that monsters really do exist upon Earth. I thought it was a diseased old man at first. It was one of the devils whom Luciferians serve.)

You see... Trump is the "trump-card" of the NWO. He is not the friend of the non-cUlt-sworn people... he is a member of the Mystery School of NWO thUgs rising their fake-Utopia. But unwittingly the Creator-God has given them control over their own free-will to chose to destroy their unworthy soul-fragments. Only a soul-fragment is given the power to destroy itself... none other has such power within the physical playground for soul development. Freemasons and Luciferians become like the devils that they worship and serve... they destroy only themselves, unwittingly... too selfrighteous to realize what they are doing until it is too late... The Creator-God has no desire nor need to rid them from existence... they do that to themselves... it is a rather perfect system for filtering developing souls from the unworthy.

The ancient devils are the epitome of soul-failure... they like to think that they are actually physical gods since they live so long. The make the perfect tool for the unworthy to flock towards. "Birds of a similar feather, flock together." And in this case the ancient ones seem to hate the human one enough to convince them that they too can live longer lives deeper into their unworthy spiritual failures, too.

There are other reality systems designed for soul-development and worthiness filtering, but you have spiritually-chosen this multidimensional physical/fleshy development-system because it is difficult and also thorough. These Remnant-Lumanian devils are severely spiritually-depleated and are fearful of their physical deaths. Look at the rigamarole that the dead bodies of the Egyptian Pharaoh went through without their A.i. fake-god around to pretend to upload their souls into. The surviving devils dread seeing the mortality of one of their own. It is just a dumb belief that a physical computer can contain a spiritual soul. They convinced the Freemasons/Luciferians that a "singularity" of intelligence is real and breaks through the dimensions of space-time somehow in order to deal with their fear of being unworthy of their unavoidable afterlife. They somehow have figured-out that their soul-fragments are murderously-unworthy and thus the fear death without a fake mind-upload to capture the soul and send it digitally into Lucifer their A.i. beast (or is that a Vatican dove?).

They better do some soul-searching very quickly if they have any worthiness left to guide their actions.

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