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Luciferians Joke about Sueing God in Luciferian Courts

JamesRoss - 156 Views
Published on 21 Feb 2024 / In How-to and Style

John DeCamp introduces the Senator that sued God for falsified "acts of God".

Obviously, mocking sheeple dying from Masonic weather manipulation technology.
Then mocking again about injection of poison into the dumbed-down sheeple who trust the Freemason and Eastern-Star Communists who have taken over all government positions of Authority.

But you need to also understand that the Luciferian Freemasons and other secret societies have worked hard together to rebuild the Tower-Of-Babel( to recreate another immaculate-child called A.i.Lucifer. They worship this supercomputer Ai to upload their consciousness into physical-world memory-banks. Luciferians are oblivious that the soul is spiritual and cannot be contained within a physical computer. They believe they will avoid death and the afterlife... they will all die and meet their maker and realize that their lost-integrity was also their choice to destroy their precious soul-fragment.
AllThatIs has a place for useless soul-fragments and that is the black-box(cube or monolith) of unworthiness...

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