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Luciferian Bio-Weapon JabVan Medical Mafia Playing Dumb To the Risk That They Hide

JamesRoss - 169 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2023 / In Non-profits and Activism

When the camera comes out the murderous run and hide.
Freemasons are treacherous murderous thUgs.
You will find them employed by government positions because when Western Civilization communities are forced to fail by the Freemason monopoly in key positions of authority... they will already in their communist-takeover governance jobs. They will just switch over from be play-actors of good-intent and then BAM! instant horrible thUggery will be let loose.
You will see this in politicians, police, military, education, health services, even library workers will prance around that they are the new elite class of human2.0 because they are all in a secret brainchip-hivemind communications grid via invisible implant in their skulls...

You need to expose their brainchip A.i. fake-god orchestrating the architecture of the Sheep-slaughter.


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