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LIVING Water: - Champions Never Quit Show

Published on 18 Nov 2021 / In Health

Go to: to learn about this LIVING water that can change and save lives, including your own.


1. ANTIOXIDANT (ANTI-INFLAMMATORY) - Contains MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant in the Universe.


3. Good ALKALINE (Electrical NOT Chemical)

4. ELECTRICAL CHARGE⚡️ - Can raise the millivoltage of your cells to -50. HEALING is VOLTAGE!

Champions Never Quit,

Timothy McGaffin II
Cheri McGaffin

#ChampionsNeverQuitShow #NeverQuitWater #WaterOfChampions

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proudusagirl01 2 months ago

MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer's new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don't make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

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