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Live Free - Freeland & Trudeau

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Published on 17 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

The American Revolution was an ideological and political revolution that occurred in British America between 1765 and 1791. The Americans in the Thirteen Colonies formed independent states that defeated the British in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), gaining independence from the British Crown, establishing the constitution that created the United States of America, the first modern constitutional liberal democracy.[1][2]

American colonists objected to being taxed by the British Parliament, a body in which they had no direct representation. Before the 1760s, Britain's American colonies had enjoyed a high level of autonomy in their internal affairs, which were locally governed by colonial legislatures. During the 1760s, however, the British Parliament passed a number of acts that were intended to bring the American colonies under more direct rule from the British metropole and increasingly intertwine the economies of the colonies with those of Britain.

Why Trudeau Is Hated Everywhere He Goes In Canada

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Saskatoon today where he will meet with long-term care residents, vaccine researchers and visit a daycare.”

A wise Liberal Party marketing move it is. Unlike everywhere else in Canada PM Justin Trudeau visits, the odds are low that expletives will be hurled at our prime minister. That is, unless a chapter of “Hell’s Grannies” from Monty Python appear on the scene. Chances are low that the daycare set are likely to throw their soothers at the PM. Of course, this example of “racism” would not be tolerated.

Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship

If you watched Donald Trump closely over his four years in office, and we did, it became pretty clear that the more outlandish the claim that Trump happened to be making, the more likely it was to be true. Trump did tend to exaggerate at times, but it's mostly about topics that didn't matter.

How big was the crowd at his 2016 inauguration? Who cares? But on the big things, on matters of civilizational importance, Trump told the truth bluntly, often when nobody else would.

Trudeau’s Deputy, Chrystia Freeland, Whose Grandfather Was a Prominent Nazi and Who is Director at the World Economic Forum, Says She Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent

Chrystia Freeland, Canada and the World Economic Forum – Where Do Her Loyalties Lie?

Since the beginning of the Great COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the World Economic Forum and its dystopian Great Reset narrative have drawn a great deal of negative attention from the serf class who will be subjected to its views on the post-pandemic world. One politician from Canada is one of Klaus Schwab’s devotees and has already played her hand, showing us what the future may look like.

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Great video. Thank you!
This post contains a comprehensive collection of videos and articles that chronicles the damage that Pierre and Justin Trudeau have inflicted on Canadians.

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