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Literal Mask Expert Opens a Can on School Board

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Published on 27 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics

Literal Mask Expert Opens a Can on School Board

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Hepaso 3 days ago

Masks don't work, if you can smell perfume through your mask you can inhale a virus!

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Mitchell Johnston
Mitchell Johnston 4 days ago

You can find more information on covid, masks, and pcr here:

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Cheri McGaffin and Timothy McGaffin II

Great job! Way to speak up! Making kids wear masks is child abuse!

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redwarfa 5 days ago

Oh you disliked my comment .I thought people like you would dislike common sense.Try to tell me ,logically,how children wearing a mask ,is child abuse?I will tell you,using logic,what is childabuse.Child abuse is exppsing a child to a deadly virus and offering them no protection .Isnt it true that the Japanese have been wearing masks whenever they have had a virus, for decades.The japanese have suffered no ill effects and neith have doctors and nurses suffered any ill effects from ppe.

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Itscookie 15 hours ago

@redwarfa: ? hi. Sincere suggestion for you. Spend a few hours researching cognitive dissonance

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JL Hammond
JL Hammond 5 days ago

It amazes me that there are so many professionals who are qualified to speak on this, and they are out there trying to tell people the truth. But it's like dogs barking at the moon. Those who SHOULD be listening ignore every one of these people. Maybe a massive American citizenship temper tantrum, stomping of feet and all of us, along with the professionals screaming at them will get their attention. Yeah, I know. Nobody's going to do that, but it sure works on parents by kids. They demand attention, and eventually get it. How can we get the same result?

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redwarfa 11 days ago

We are not living in an operating room where aseptis is needed
We are living in the world
Masks protect your mucous membranes from droplets that are sneezed or spoken or coughed
These droplets are caught by the mask and preventef from entering your respiratory system
This combined with social distancing ,hand washing and common sense help protect us
Its quite simple

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