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Life, Liberty & Levin 1/17/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 17,21

David Trent
David Trent - 3,043 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Life, Liberty & Levin 1/17/21
Life, Liberty & Levin explores the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society, culture, politics, and current events.

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Mounfem1969 1 month ago

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

Such A Fucking Fraud! Starts His Message off With The (3-6)->Hand Sign->WOW!

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PhillyJ 1 month ago

Those people who did that are not us. No they are not, they are ANTIFA (the ADL) and BLM also (the ALD.) Faithful Jews had better figure out that they have an enemy hiding within their own synagogues and lodges.

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EyeQ168 1 month ago

... FOX? ((( Levin )))??? I'll pass.

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