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Liberals Transition Kid's Sex At Four And Make Them Fashion Models At Age Ten

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Published on 20 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Owen talks about the shocking amount of grooming that occurs on the left.

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tigh 1 year ago

The BBC, paid by billionaire pedofiles, are evil. They put Royalty down for example Andrew whom I think only went with legal age young women BUT they never mention perverts like former UK prime ministers and his boyfriend Alastair who were on Epstien Island for FUN mmm, where are the tapes, who's hiding them, let the Gates and Windows be open to the TRUTH to expose these evil people.

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Belinda 1 year ago

During Princess Di's funeral the TV station aired it fir hours. At some stage they took a break, left the camera on ( I think it was the side of the Palace) and my mother and I watched in disbelief as a naked boy, maybe 14 dropped some knotted sheets out the window and climbed down. Halfway down the strength his arms failed and he fell. Last time I ever saw him he was between two of those soldiers with the tall furry hats , walking yo his death I presume. The two chattering anchors were shocked yoo and then the screen went blank.,

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