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LGBT Infiltration - Stop Tolerating liberal Socialists

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Published on 30 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

United Methodist Church split official as of today

Breakaway Global Methodist Church exasperated by liberal churches’ defiance of bans on same-sex marriage, ordination of openly gay clergy

The United Methodist Church’s Council of Bishops, ending a five-day meeting Friday, acknowledged the inevitable breakup of their denomination — a schism that will widen this weekend with the launch of a global movement led by theologically conservative Methodists.

MassResistance Texas activists continue fight to stop LGBT infiltration into Southern Baptist denomination

In April 2017, Rev. Tom Littleton of Alabama gave a chilling talk on “How the LGBT movement is infiltrating conservative churches” at the MassResistance Citizen Action Conference in Austin, TX. For over a decade, he pointed out, the national LGBT movement has been funding a multi-million-dollar under-the-radar subversive campaign in Southern states to push the homosexual movement into conservative Christian churches. And they’ve been shockingly successful.

Conservatives Must Stop Tolerating Commie Nonsense

What got us here, to this sad and sorry state, is that we were polite for too long. In a misguided sense of misplaced kindness we failed to call it as we saw it. Stupid people, deluded people, and/or malicious people all confronted us with their stupid, deluded and/or malicious nonsense, and instead of telling them to cut the Schiff, we smiled and tolerated it.

Conservatives Need to Stop Embracing Surrender

There has been a troubling trend I’ve noticed on the right over the past few years. Many right-leaning influencers have taken to encouraging Republicans and conservatives to flee blue states and cities, and move to red areas of the country.

Democrats Are Racing Against The Clock To Finish Their Trump Tax Investigation

When Republicans take over the House next year, Democrats will lose control of the committee that sued for the former president’s tax returns.

This is Really the Most Corrupt Election in American History – Democracy Ends Where it Began

Here is a video that was taken in Delaware county PENNSYLVANIA at camera number 7. This woman is filling out ballots for Biden. It is one thing when Obama won and you went about your life because not even he sought to change the structure of the United States. Here we have clear intentions to destroy the fossil fuel industry, end cars, and push this New Green Agenda.

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Suzanne Anon
Suzanne Anon 2 months ago

Let's begin by referring to them and THINKING of them as 'liberal' COMMUNISTS/MARXISTS. Because to loosely use the term 'socialist' can so EASILY be pinned onto Germany, since they referred to themselves as National Socilasts. And the TRUTH is that GERMANY'S 'National Socialsm" COULD PERFECTLY BE SUMMED UP by calling it also CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM. And that's just the plain truth.

As for Mr. Trump -- I do hope you don't let it pass by you that he ONLY REFERS to AFRICAN 'Americans' & ASIAN 'Americans' and HISPANIC 'Americans' -- and even went so far as to recently stand before a group of 'melanated individuals' to TELL THEM THEY "BUILT THIS COUNTRY"! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????!!!

If he is going to point out 'groups' then he OUGHT TO INCLUDE 'WHITES' -- or NOT REFER TO ANY GROUPS AT ALL. He acts as though Whites do not exist or are the 'very bad people in this country' who are 'against us' -- of course, his 'US' meaning JEWS/ISRAHELL. And THAT is just the plain truth also.

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