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Lebanon, OH Christmas Horse And Carriage Parade

Resistance Chicks
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Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In Entertainment

33rd Annual Horse Drawn Carriage Parade & Christmas Festival
Saturday, December 3, 2022

Christmas Festival & Entertainment

Wonderful Time Saturday Night at Lebanon's Parade. The Largest Horse Drawn Carriage Parade through the small town's city streets. Thousands upon thousands showed up to see these beautiful Creations of God's Love. Minatare horses, Belgian, Shetland ponies, Percherons, Suffolk Punch donkeys, Mules, Clydesdale horses, Draft Horses, many more, plus beautiful Carriage. Men repent from Cars and automobiles. Jesus told PG he created the land for Horses, repent turn back to God live naturally one with God.

Telling the gospel with and in the love, power, and authority, of Jesus name: My Mother Got a couple words from God telling men to repent from using cars, automobiles, the inventions of men. Jesus said he created the land for horses. Horses are our transportation. And He told her only gold and silver coins are money, men must repent and use only gold and silver coins for money.

PG here, I'm not obsessed with horses, nothing personal but Jesus might be upset right now. Tell people, he, Jesus, is King and he said, men have no business driving cars going so fast. Killing people using cars. Jesus, God is my witness. Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, God of All told me, PG men must use horses. They are in sin using cars, trucks automobiles, I did not make it up. Creation is screaming this but no one is listening to God. Jesus said "he made the land for horses."

I am just a messenger of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus told me to tell people to use gold and silver coins and horses for transportation. I say this not in my name but Jesus name. So when sharing this say Jesus is obsessed with horses! Read revelation it's all horses Jesus speaks about! White horse, pale horses, host of angels on horses, black horses, red horses... It's the very word of God.

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