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Latest Numbers for Vaccine Deaths in the Year 2021 Will Shock and Horrify You

Infowars - 247 Views
Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Owen Shroyer discusses the astronomical COVID vaccine death numbers according to VAERS- it's really bad.

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hard-drive 25 days ago

warren buffett is not physician, neither phd of anything
but sea org banker, not cia
addicted to atropine because of parkinson

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Abeonthehill 25 days ago

great reports . In the UK i was banned from FB ( fake book ) , because i shared a chart from the Health Authorities regarding the worrying amount of sheeple in Israel who have been " jabbed" and make up about 80% of the seriously ill. So much for free speech when official reported facts are Censored .

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