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Latest MAGA News - Tuesday, 2nd of March - Morning Coffee Edition

Stroppy Me
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Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics
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LLLaman 2 months ago

The Chicago Tribune has articles on Fake Oprah Monkey Obumyer on how obumyer stole the Chicago house in a real estate scam back in 1981 or so and many other dirty obumyer deals . in the books The Golden Dawn ? The cabal calls black ppl apes & the apes are to do the dirty work for the cabal . The Golden Dawn books need to be in all HS classes for requirement to graduate ! so no black ppl become apes who work for the cabal or hollywood cabal

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Lightbulb 2 months ago

How can they be suing Lindell over his claims of election fraud, yet no court will allow any evidence of fraud to be heard. How can Lindell defend himself with evidence that can not be heard in a court of law.? The Dems are making changes to prevent free and fair elections. Like Germany 1933, was the last election in Germany , until after 1945. Very sad in deed.

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michael davino
michael davino 2 months ago

another Weimer republic ju$t past the next STOP sign American dollar

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