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Latest MAGA News - Tuesday, 23rd of February - Morning Coffee Edition

Stroppy Me
Stroppy Me - 1,189 Views
Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

NOTE: The Swamp seems to re-filling at present - so I changed the title of my videos to reflect the fact that my news is about Making America/Australia Great Again!

Today’s Links:

Note: I am no longer uploading my videos to YTube


Stroppy Music Mix : https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCqIYtQ9Gd6gNpsTwz

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Mystic Mimi
Mystic Mimi 2 months ago

God Bless

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Kenfreak 2 months ago

Barrett is a Catholic. Didn't expect anything less than her sister-in-crime.....Sotomayor.

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Jayro 2 months ago

Don’t be a bigot. Clarence Thomas is also Catholic.

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Sewnya 2 months ago

Remember when Biden said "I don't need your vote?" Remember when Biden said "I have the greatest voter fraud organization in history?"
Remember when Fauci said "There's going to be a pandemic during the Trump Presidency?"
Who's running the show? RON KLAIN. He was Obama's Ebola Czar. He's been in the picture since 1989. Alongside the Clinton's, Obama, etc.
Ron Klain has a company called Revolution LLC. His company is the one who does retina scans at the airport that allow people to avoid the screening lines at the airport. His company has developed a "health pass" which is basically "papers" saying you complied and took the vaccine. Look at which people in congress have shares in Revolution LLC. These are our TRAITORS.

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ALooney 2 months ago

...a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! There is a difference! Check it out.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, why is it so hard for WE THE PEOPLE too work as one.?.?.? This might be one of the most important Questions you will ask my Children and People of Pak-Toe, but in that, you must see that when we do not LEARN BIG WORDS, then we NON-MASON will always be at the Mercy of these FREE MASON Lodges in our home towns whom are the Middle Class that make the Elite have all the POWER over you and me, and they all live off of our FUCKING TAXES from the People whom run that RELIGION in your U.N. FLAGS to the Mayor and Dirty C.O.P.S. we now call U.N. Troops in our Police and Military of all U.N. FLAGS as this is their SYSTEM of CAPITALISM and Land Grabs and the Spraying of the Skies with TOXIC Waste as we all hold RADIOACTIVE Devices in our hands giving our Children and Our Selves MIND Madness of Dementia – Autism – Mental Retardation, and this is just how the MIDDLE CLASS whom are with the FREE MASON Lodges called Global Citizens and their INTERNATIONALIST Mafia whom always put their people in the School Boards whom will not teach our Children BIG WORDS, or how to use them in conversation!!! Now, this is for those of youm whom did not get taken away for the world is now in a NEW REALITY since the NEW MOON on February 12, 2021 and our enemy the O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar used much RAPTURE and SORCERY, and they have drained their pool, but they can always refill as long as YOU BELIEVE in their U.N. FLAGS that you think or thought was your NATIONAL Constitutional FLAG, but only the MASONS and their MIDDLE CLASS get the Jobs selling the DOPE called COVAX too infect you with Hypodermic Chemical INJECTIONS that no one will tell us The INGREDIENTS of these Vaccines when all things from FOOD to Poison have a Chemical Compound, and just as this JADE HELM 15 of Depopulation and NOW Internment Camps of SUBJUGATION known as our House Arrest and Wear the SLAVE MASK Mandate for an Illness that does not exist because youm nonmason Taxed Too Death Dwindling MIDDLE CLASS people and persons are not taking out these FREE MASONS whom you do so too know are all a part of Agenda 21 + 30 to make everyone POOR, and then only those whom serve the MASONS whom serve these CEO’s of their CORPORATIONS shall call all the shots, and I am proud of the ones in the Congo whom did what needed to be done to a Traitor doing SEDITION and High Treason to WE THE PEOPLE on this side of FLAT EARTH under attack by all means of their FAKE JEWS Book of REVELATION: Media – Music – ENFORCERS where none of youm are LIBERATORS for you fear death and the death of your children, and I get this as we HUMANS are Mortals called BLADES OF GRASS, but our Symbiots whom share our mind are not, nor do all you with SOLIDS have to lose your right to exist, there is a Blue Print to Save our World and STOP 2094 from happening over and over and over back to 1893 where we blades of grass all become INCUBATOR BABIES once again as these EVIL Insane Symbiots and SOLIDS will blow up the whole wide world just like the Death Star in STAR WARS and then the De-Ja-Vu we experience is the IMMORTAL Lives of these Symbiots and SOLIDS in our Temporary Human Flesh and Blood and Bones Body TEMPLE Avatars… The Book of EXODICE!!!


Listen to this man speak well with his DOTS BLACK EYES for he does know what he speaks, and as I Continue to tell you: If it ain’t happening RIGHT NOW, then it will never happen, and OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition can never be where ALL PEOPLE on this side of FLAT EARTH need to eradicate FREE MASON and their Middle CLASS before we the poorest of the poor are all taken to WALMART FEMA JAPANESE INTERNMENT Camps on an International Scale cause U.N. Troops control all Militray from MADE IN CHINA to this MADE IN THE USA…

The Society of nonmason~

The RICH are no better then you, they just get too learn BIG WORDS at a very young age, and so you need too teach your children BIG WORDS at all our FLAT EARTH Magical Academy ”offline” Gaming STUDY ROOMS!!! Face too Face and Pen to Paper!!!

The Commander~

The LONGER you the masses allow these FREE MASON LODGES, and their LIES AGREED UPON, then the sooner you will all {lose your lives} +=+ and your children too VACCINES and Potions and Mind Control of these [5G Machines] Qballs~ /_\ when you could have been CUTTING WIRES all along in 2020 under (NO Watchers) cause even the NON-MASON police were sheltering in place…


π ∞ Σ

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