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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, why do The Spirits hate the O.T.O. Kabbalah {Zohar Wicca} +=+ Zionist Jesuits whom are the people whom do CODE + MAGIC + ALCHEMY = Sorcery.?.?.? It is seen that those whom dabble in Witchcraft as Warlocks and Wizards are not [aware] @QBALL /_\ or just do not care that when you do Magic and Sorcery, you must “take” from the Places we go when we dream whilst we sleep……., and the reason the world is falling into disarray……, and every one is losing their minds from the OLD LEADERS of all these {U.N. FLAGS} whom have betrayed Their OATH OF OFFICE too WE THE PEOPLE aka Humans from this side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere too give up our NATIONS….., and “Our Flags” and Our Boarders to these U.N. Troops…., and this U.N. Military EMPIRE..., so people like Chris Angel.., and Dynamo., and all these other FREE MASON Lodge Members can “dabble” in the Dark Arts…….., as YEAR after YEAR………, we do the Same [Holly Days] [{**}] of HALLOWEEN – Christmas – Valentines – Easter, and of course all their “Wiccan” ROMAN Catholic Religious Ritualistic Jesuit Zionist TALMUDIC Animal and Human BLOOD OATH (Sacrifices) for their PizzaGATE all take a Knee to THE FLAG, and hail SATAN ways… You see: magic was banned in the OLD TESTAMENT not because of this invention of God and Lucifer the “Son” of God just as I Christ Jesus 1.0 was called a Son of God, and we do [know] [{*}] that there was a time we called the STARS in the Dome of the Rock Angels, and there was a Time here in “Purgatory” Man and Wombman were called God and Goddess, and these are just “older terms” for MALE AND FEMALE like King and Queen, and throughout OUR STORY of this “Realm” we males and females have been called many things even Angels and Demons, so whom are the Actual Protectors of “Planet Earth” our Celestial Sphere Home World for immaterial immortal “Celestial Beings” that we do so be as our PEOPLE in Flesh, and Blood, and Boners are mere Corporeal “Mortals” whom play with REALITY by summoning Their Demons and Angels???? The Book of Knowledge aka the NEW and OLD Testament of we The Gentiles whom Renamed ourselves “JEWS” are still WE THE PEOPLE, and just because you put a LABEL on your person, it does not make you more special or “more better” then me cause YOUR EYES are Blue, and My EYES are Brown, but what people do you think did this 5G Eugenics in the MUD FLOOD WARS: that turned my Blue eyes brown, my Light Skin Dark, and my Fair Hair BLACK HAIR ONLY??? It was these {O.T.O.} Wicca FREE MASON Lodge Member Types, and their behavior, and activities in them FREE MASON [Lodges] in our Home towns where they hurt, and harm we their “fellow” Humans let alone their fellow CITIZENS doing things such as WAR IS MURDER when Murder is [against] the LAW and ORDER of our people… As I sip my coffee, and do this ZOOM Chat, whom do you think is Faking the (covid19) aka CORONA Common Cold, so the U.N. FLAG that is all run by FREE MASON just as all “TV Shows” and Hollywood too Bollywood to MADE IN CHINA are all part of these MASONS whom oppress we [nonmasons] as THEY LIVE Occupy our lands with their OCCUPATION FORCES known as the U.S. FLAG World Police U.N. Troops PEACEKEEPERS of all these Traitors doing Sedition, and High Treason to our CONSTITUTIONS, and Military, and Government, as they LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING with their TV Shows and Control of all {Printed Material} and then they use Magic, and Sorcery too put all the people under a SPELL called “RAPTURE” that what ever these TV Screens say: No matter your U.N. FLAG, the people obey – comply – submit to HALLOWEEN Vampires, Pirates, Thieves, Cutthroats, Witches, Warlock, Satanist, Tax Collectors, Judges, FREE MASON C.O.P.S., and The Spirits say: THESE PEOPLE are the “reason” our Home World is dying, and why HUMAN UNITY is long gone… The Book of EXODICE!!!


Now, whom invented the Automation Technological Mechanization called A.I. where all of you’m have been PUT OUT OF WORK for the Fantasia “of and for” their Wicca O.T.O. Jesuit Zionist “freemason” INTERNATIONAL Halloween MAFIA of lies.?.?.? Every FREE MASON Lodge Member is Complicit in the Collusion and Conspiracy of these “U.N. Troops” in our Police – G4S – National Flag Military, and in that’ there will be no jobs doing ONLINE SALES cause all companies are now under one Roof: where just look at your “ROKU” TV SETS…..., and do so tell me….., one CORPORATION has access to all them channels……., so will not ONE CORPORATION have “access” to all online sales???


We are still being DEPOPULATED by JADE HELM 15 of Agenda 21 + 30, and as the years move on, these MASONS will say one day: The People are ALL Gone because of our {NEWS} World Empire when we nonmason know, the People were missing long before (covid19) This World Domination PLOT where these U.N. FLAG “CORPORATIONS” put us nonmason all on Furlough…, and OUT OF BUSINESS forever for the Illusion and Delusion that these FREE MASON TV [Talking heads] as they LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING no matter your “U.N. FLAG” for you have no National Flags, and that is just the way it is…..

The Society of nonmason~


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