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Larry Elder Joins Presidential Commission on Black Americans | Larry Elder

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Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

The absence of fathers is the number one social problem in the United States, especially for Black Americans. Today, approximately 70% of Black kids are raised without fathers. Has the welfare state incentivized women to marry the government and men to abandon their financial and moral responsibilities? President Donald Trump recently appointed Larry Elder to the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys. In this episode, Larry explains the need for families in the United States to restore the presence of fathers in the home.

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Steve0504 1 month ago

Good video. I’m White. If I speak up, and give my opinion, I’d be told shut up, you’re not Black, stay out of this. Well, my opinion is just as good as anyone’s else. I’m an American so it DOES make sense for me to comment on Black issues if I want to, and say what my advice would be to fellow AMERICANS, Black or White.

LARRY ELDER is spot on.

The Black family is far worse off now that Leftists have had 50 or 60 years to destroy that section of the American life blood. Stop voting Democrat. The Democrat Party has somehow lied and tricked everyone into believing Republicans/Conservatives are “Nazis” (I still don’t understand that one! We want SMALLER government and less bureaucracy ).

Thank GOD we have a REAL CONSERVATIVE for President now. President Trump is THE greatest thing to happen to the USA since......Well....EVER.

Blacks can have a great future full of prosperity, just stop living in the past. Whites , for the most part, are not racist. And if we are, it’s most likely because of the media, but that can be overcome, easily. Be a good person and work to change your community and start teaching young blacks to respect authority (yes, I know that can be hard. I’m not “preaching” to Blacks, anything I would not say to Whites! )
Respect Women, Stop with that horrible gangster rap nonsense ( you have music you can be PROUD of! Jazz, blues, r&b, even rock n roll!, stop lowering yourselves with violent rap.)

Basically, embrace CONSERVATIVE values, and I promise you, the FIRST people on your side will be WHITE Americans... You’d be surprised how racist we ARE NOT!

It’s the DEMOCRATS who are the racists (just study their history of voting), and they are far closer to Nazis with THEIR AUTHORITARIAN POLICIES than anyone else!

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