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Knife grip vs Pistol grip

BlackTalon - 409 Views
Published on 16 Aug 2020 / In Knives

Quick discussion from Professor LaRosa on knife vs pistol grip. LaRosa recently setup his channel and is putting out some good combatives and martial arts content. And remember kids, knife fights suck.

The 1911 Syndicate is a niche real estate company. No, we don't just work with clients who need off grid properties or to rent space for a gun shop. Almost all of our clients are shooters/military/LEO's/hunters and outdoorsmen who need to buy or sell a house. You should use us because we're actually good at our job, fortunately, the side bonus is that we all share a love of common interests. All of our clients get treated to custom knives when they buy their house, and private events. All of our 2019 clients got to partake in an end of year private CQB course. We operate in Utah and Arizona.
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