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Kim Clement's SECRET letter to TRUMP

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Published on 20 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Kim Clement's SECRET letter to TRUMP: Donne' Clement Petruska plans to read significant portions of a "secret" letter from her father, Kim Clement, to president Trump which she found several weeks ago going through Clement's things.

Donne' Clement Peruska;s Youtube channel is:

Her mother, Jane Clement, still runs House of Destiny which was her husband's ministry before he died:

This letter from Kim Clement is significant as it is dated the EXACT SAME DAY that Donald J. Trump announced his run for president. Additionally, Kim Clement had planned to see Trump at Trump Towers at that time. However, he did no ultimately make it.

Kim Clement died from a rare brain issue directly following what many consider his largest prophecy, the prophecy of Trump, coming to life as Donald Trump became president. Kim Clement was hospitalized numerous times between the letter's date and his death a year and half later.

Other videos supportive of these facts, and worthy of your time to watch, would be the Trump prophecy (by Trey Smith):

Additionally, the Trump Impeachment Prophecy:

Some of these above stated prophecy materials revolving around Trump seem to have issues in being searchable in results; thus are provided as direct links here.

God in a Nutshell is very thankful for all those that make donations or support us through the purchase of materials:

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ez4me2c2 2 months ago

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