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PPN World News - 28 May 2022
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Killer Gene Found In Sewers, China Unveils AI News Anchors & Bankers Simulate Financial Collapse

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 274 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Untreatable gene discovered in Georgia sewers -

China unveils AI news anchor -

1011 studies proving the vaxx is dangerous and should be stopped -

President of Ghana lays out the whole cabal scheme -

A virus is not what people think it is, it can't live outside a host -

Why did bankers do a simulation of a financial collapse -

A quote for the ages -

Just like big tech, conservatives need to create their own networks -

And create their own banking system -

Another pedophile gets away with it, time to take justice into our own hands -

Why would FedEx want anti-missile lasers, what do they know -

This guy will not comply -

Payback is a MoFo, from Blake -

Steve Inman -

Song - Big Pharma - Conspiracy Music Guru -

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Dive2663225 4 months ago

Excellent POST !! Jeff Thank You!!

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PPN World News - 28 May 2022
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