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Kicked out of Trader Joe's (Palos Verdes, CA) for refusing to wear a mask.

Max Anderson
Max Anderson - 843 Views
Published on 11 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

Woman refuses to wear a mask, she is harassed by terrified brainwashed customers and employees at Trader Joe's in Palos Verdes, CA - She advises the employees and customers that the fear of a pandemic is being used to take away our freedoms, there is no law or reason to wear a mask and that they are acting like Gestapo and Sheep! The effeminate employees call the police!

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WAAOF 3 years ago

Screw TJ's, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and any other stores that refuse to respect their customers who aren't braindead. This is actually a good thing that's happening because these businesses are self-filtering. I WILL NOT SHOP ANYWHERE THAT MAKE ME STAND IN LINE, WEAR A MASK OR ENFORCES SUCH DICTATES. Shop local, never corporate. Let the lemmings fall off the cliff. It's nature's way of culling the herd from the short end of the gene pool.

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BestieCrafts 3 years ago

I'm on board. I've already self boycotted all of these places!

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Brother Dubious
Brother Dubious 3 years ago

You cannot save sheeple. WE are so outnumbered.

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