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Keynote Speech - Dr. Craig Wright How Bitcoin Will Change the Future of Data & Empower #CGZurich.mp4

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Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Dr. Craig S. Wright - Chief Scientist, Chain: KEYNOTE SPEECH: How Bitcoin Will Change the Future of Data & Empower Everyone at #CGZurich.

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00:45 - Dr. Craig S. Wright gives a talk on the future of Bitcoin, calling the internet a "cancer"
03:06 - Dr. Wright talks about allowing businesses to have sections of their databases
07:00 - Dr.Craig says we can use the energy where it is most efficient. You
can move and control your data if you own it
11:10 - Dr. Craig Wright says people will only want to live in the future, where people have access to the internet via BSV
12:12 Dr. Wright announces we are going to do one connected global database
14:21 - Dr. Wright calls Silicon Valley cancer, saying companies like Facebook and Twitter want people to troll and promote violence
13:58 Dr. Wright thinks we will give back users control over their data
14:55 Dr. Wright announces we will revolutionize the digital currency space
16:21 - When asked a question about the potential of building a voting application, Dr. Wright says voting is tricky because the opening to the general public is challenging due to lack of identity
19:21 - Dr. Wright noted problems on the internet in the 90s and inability to buy anything without paying a huge chunk of money, is what inspired him to invent Bitcoin
22:43 - Dr. Wright says a better wallet should be created for BSV
24:00 - Dr. Wright says there are revokable keys in broadcast encryption. We can use the same vital structures where someone can revoke
25:45 - Dr. Craig thinks it won't go well with Salvador enacting a law recognizing bitcoin as a legal tender because it will lead to inflation and legal battles
27:47 - Dr. Wright says lightning node isn't a robust system at the moment
38:02 Dr. Craig says he is pursuing a Masters in Education and encourages the world to move away from vocational learning and study subjects like philosophy


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