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Kevin McCarthy, and the house of representatives and the complete circus that went on for four days for the GOP

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Published on 10 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Kevin McCarthy, and the house of representatives and the complete circus that went on for four days for the GOP

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

Kevin McCarthy is OWNED by lobbyists. WE KNOW THAT.
Sketchy AF.
But he was allowed to become speaker CONDITIONALLY.
He breaks his word? HE IS OUT.
& You're WRONG-- they held out until he made MAJOR concessions -
HE DOES NOT RULE like Pelosi did. They chopped his balls off, he has no real power.
No more extortion style dictatorship. No more "VOTE LIKE I SAY or lose everything!"
Have faith that the good ones will eliminate the bad ones.
Have faith in GOD.
You must know by now that having a ONE ITEM BILL &
Requiring the allowance of 3 days to READ THAT BILL before being forced to pass it ("so we can see what's in it" afterward) is a good thing.
They REQUIRED a border plan - which whether or not is successful? Will open up the truth!
Ends emergency funding + all CV mandates & funding (no more enticing lazy asses to avoid work, further killing the economy)
Church style committees into the weaponizing of FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS... AGAIN, whether or not it DOES anything, will EXPOSE EVERYTHING. Even the post office is spying on us for the gov't - and not through the mail! Digitally / Electronically!

There IS NO moving forward until the LEFT (general pop) is slapped in the face like ice water as to what is happening.

And pretty much everyone knows or is learning about adrenochrome, child sex slavery, SRA, cannibalism ( Head chef is Schmuckerberg's sis in law - Priscilla CHAN / RAVEN CHAN... Pizzagate is MUCH more known than it was when I first began to investigate it 7+ years ago... And there are videos out there that have NOT been taken down - about hte shots, the trafficking, so much.

Go see "These little ones"
& "Princess Slave", "Out of Shadows", etc.

TAKE HOPE. PRAY. Things are happening WAAAYYY slower than we want. But it is happening. Fake Biden cannot last forever. His handlers are wearing out.
I have a feeling that the white hats have a few things over the heads of some of the RINOs.
Why did Trey Gowdy & Jason Chavez suddenly resign back when they did? This sht has been going on for some time- & both sides are playing at it. But there are some good ones trying for us. The collective will of the ppl CAN make things manifest. Call it "intention experiments", call it what you want. But the more normies (on both sides) that SEE what's happening, the easier to weed out the Satanic & the stupid.

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