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Just The Facts - Trump Outshines GOP - Define Woke

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Published on 25 Aug 2023 / In News and Politics

The Numbers Are In: Nearly 200 Million (and Counting) People Watched the Trump-Tucker Interview

Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Trump on X formerly known as Twitter, absolutely smashed the GOP debate on Fox News.

In less than 24 hours, Tucker’s interview with Trump already has almost 200 million views.

200M views. Tucker vs. Trump is easily the most watched interview in history.

Broadcast with no ad breaks, no corporate filter & no censorship.

Just raw, fascinating insight & honesty that users devour.

X is Breaking the media landscape —forever.
— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) August 24, 2023

President Trump’s First Tweet of Mugshot Gets OVER 120 Million Views – Elon Musk Responds: “Next-Level”

President Trump continues to own the internet after his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia, on Thursday.

Trump has been soaring in the polls recently and dominating the news cycles. The day after breaking the internet in a viral interview with Tucker Carlson, which premiered during the first GOP presidential debate; all the news networks are talking about Trump’s political persecution; and he is fundraising with historic new merchandise!

Trump’s interview with Tucker has now been seen over 250 million times, far more than Fox, who got a mediocre 12.8 million viewers for their debate which President Trump wisely did not attend.

Canadian fires are being set deliberately (arson): Many recent Quebec and Alberta fires were started simultaneously

Canadian Wildfires at Historic Levels to which Prime Minister Trudeau is claiming are due to climate change, however, when viewing satellite footage, we see that these fires were started simultaneously indicating that these so-called wildfires were in fact started by arsonists.

Climate change is an obvious myth – how much more evidence do you need?

Climate change is a myth. We all know this, deep down. Some of you reading this may have been taken in by the fear-mongering governments or corrupt scientists so have been brainwashed into thinking climate change is a real thing that “threatens all of humanity” or some other nonsense, but it’s just that: nonsense. When you look closely at it, the so-called evidence for climate change, or “global warming” or “warmageddon” or “planetary death spiral” or whatever they’re calling it these days, it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

A Brief History of China’s Global Warming Hoax, From 1863 to Right Now

It all began when Irish physicist John Tyndall proposed in a “false flag” operation that variations in atmospheric composition could cause changes in the climate.

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