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Carlos D Fletcher
Carlos D Fletcher - 5,461 Views
Published on 21 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

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dtoon 17 days ago

People are still listening to this clown?

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survival 1 month ago

In case you missed it, he did a live in Vegas.

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 1 month ago

With respect this man has not been correct about anything. He has changed dates and story lines multiple times and is simply hawking whatever it is he is promoting at this moment. The ONLY ones that can perpetuate change is the people and we are out of times to wait on rainbows and unicorns. America is now being run by a terrorist organization, as even at its most 'liberal', the democrats never had put their own people in such peril as we are in now. A woman, sexually assaulted on a train in Philly as people not only did nothing, but filmed it. What kind of world allows this? A world where people fear being the criminal for intervening in the well being of a fellow human being? These two guys above are about views and exposure and they're not getting the views here as this site is squelched by the youtube juggernaut.

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dtoon 16 days ago

Well said. We bought into the garbage he and others like him fed us. They are part of what they claim to be fighting and exposing. Had us believing Trump and the military were going to save the day. It was a good trick. Give us false hope. While we were waiting for EBS messages, they advanced their plan to the point of no return. Joan O'Savin should be in prison along with all the other "Q" liars. Same goes for Trump. He's the same as the rest if them.

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